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you're missing a very nice photo of me
                  Photo credit: Sam Brewer  
 Patrick Valentino
Conductor      Composer     Writer      Photographer

  NEW COMMISSIONS from St. Peter's Church in 
        Lexington KY and St. Adelaide Parish in West
        Peabody MA fostering the creation of 2 new
        Watch the Promo Trailer for the Psalm Project
        Join the Consortium! Have a Psalm composed for
        your ensemble, or simply gain access to new music...

  The Bible Project has become
        Peregrinatio - The Pilgrimage
Perfuming the Air at the historic Kentucky Theatre...

  I want to hear from YOU! On Peregrinatio or any other
        project - thoughts, collaborations, conversations...

  Shop on hold...The Store at PatrickValentinoMusic.com         is currently on hold, although I am still taking orders -             just email me with inquiries. Thanks to those who have 
        reached out!

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