Downtown Rhythm & Blues (V.16-3)
from Musings, V.16

A loosely contructed string of choruses bookended by rhythm soli, this is a piece
in which every instrument is scored, yet any can leave the texture and solo at any
time, making it a perfect canvas for solo or group blues improvisation.
Scored for standard 2-2-1, 4-4-3 jazz band, although other instruments may be used.

The third piece in the Musings set is essentially a structured improvisation forum,
taking the form of a modified blues progression in a repetitive structure
which allows performers the freedom to solo at any time during the chart.

Downtown Rhythm & Blues V.16-3 score and parts..... $21.50

Downtown Rhythm & Blues V.16-3 score.....$15.50

Replacement parts.....$3.50/ea.

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Page 1 of lead trumpet part to Downtown Rhythm & Blues
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