(from Scénes, V.87 #26)

for voice

An unaccompanied vocalise for solo female voice, range G3-F#5.

The idea behind Scénes (V.87) was to create a new set of etudes for every major instrument, which could also be used as concert pieces. As concert pieces, they must exhibit a certain degree of musical worth and engender emotional interest on the part of the audience; as etudes, they must, in a relatively short span of time, provide challenges intended to sharpen specific aspects of virtuosity on each instrument. Vocalise, the final work in the set, has a spanish feel and incorporates improvisation, pitch centering, mode mixture, internal rhythm, phrasing and ornamentation.

(Although this work is intended to be unaccompanied, a very basic outline is given, for the singer to use during practice, and perhaps to be in a soft instrument, the rhythms in pitchless percussion, for support during performance)

Vocalise V.87-26 solo part..... $6.00

First page of the score to Vocalise
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