102 Minutes (V.77)

102 Minutes is a work in one movement for string quartet and optional live electronics, with the following original poem as a dedication:

102 Minutes.

One hour. Forty-two minutes.

A space of time.

Unless those 102 minutes are
8:46am-10:28am, 11 September 2001.

The longest estimate
from when the first plane hit
to when the last tower fell.

With that one hour forty-two minutes;
Came shock, fear, anger, and resolve.
After those 102 minutes
Nothing would be the same.

But for those inside the towers
those 102 minutes
marked the time from when they knew ‘something happened’
until the end of their lives.
One hour, forty-two minutes to live
102 minutes to die.

This work is dedicated to all those
who never walked away.

102 Minutes
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