Journey of the Phoenix (V.70)
Symphonic Band Grade VI
Commissioned by Mary Ann Craig/MSU Symphonic Band (NJ)

Subtitled Epic for Wind Ensemble, Journey of the Phoenix is a large work, on the lines of a ballet with no dancers, or a suite in one movement from some unwritten dramatic work.

Scored for symphonic band, pic, 2fl, 2ob, eh, Eb sop clar (obbligato), 3 clar, bass cl, contrbs clar, 2 a sax, t sax, b sax, 2 bssn, 4 cornet, 2 tpt, 4 hn, 3 trm, bass trm, tuba, percussion (at least 5 players)

Commissioned by the MSU Symphonic Band and premiered christmas 2004 under
my baton, Journey of the Phoenix is "longer than an overture, shorter than a symphony, comprising many sections but one movement, programmatic without being cinematic. I like to think of it as a ballet suite; music that could accompany action, but which has its own intrinsic vitality. It is not a suite nor a concerto; it is, most accurately, an epic."

Journey of the Phoenix V.70 score and parts.....$110.00

Journey of the Phoenix V.70 score.....$85.00

Replacement parts.....$4.50/ea.

  Opening of Journey of the Phoenix
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