Interlude (V.69)

Scored for solo Piano, Interlude is a highly structured and virtuosic showpiece which can fit anyplace on a solo recital. A single movement cast in three sections, with the outer two also divided into three subsections. The outer two toccata-like sections are pitch mirrors of each other, and the internal section is a three voice mirror fugue.

Interlude was written on the request of a friend who wanted (needed) a piece to add to her recital program. The guidelines were that it had to have a fugue, it
would be nice to have high priority placed on structure, and if possible, it should be virtuosic. Interlude manages to have some semblance of all those things,
and remains a highly dramatic work to listen to.

Interlude V.69 solo part..... $8.00

Final pages of the score to Interlude
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