V.68 A Whole Lotta Tubas and a Bass Trombone

A Whole Lotta Tubas and a Bass Trombone (V.68)

A Bass Trombone showcase, backed by a tuba euphonium
ensemble. 2 euphonium, 4 tuba parts (2 higher and 2 lower).

In three movements:
1. Introduction to a Bass Trombone
2. ...But Seriously....
3. Time to Fly

What happens when a Bass Trombone and a tuba-euph ensemble get together?
No good can come from this. A virtuosic part for the solo trombone and interesting ensemble work for the group, this is a varied suite for an oft-neglected instrument. The slow movement, which stretches the upper limits of the behemoth, is an arrangement of Overlooked, from the V.16 set of jazz charts called Musings.

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A Whole Lotta Tubas and a Bass Trombone

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