Souvenirs (V.128)

In the summer of 2009, I traveled throughout Europe and the journey inspired this set of short character pieces for viola and piano. Not intended to imitate any particular regional 'sound' of European music, these short vignettes nonetheless give a nod to their cities of origin in their formal structures. The seven movements are:

1. Venezia (barcarolle)
2. Budapest (allegro agitato, with a gypsy feel)
3. Praha (theme and variations)
4. Bratislava (senza mesura)
5. Paris (allegro)
6. Graz (lovesong)
7. Wien (waltz)

Souvenirs V.128 piano score and viola part.....$15.00

Souvenirs V.128
replacement piano score.....$10.00

Souvenirs V.128 replacement viola part.....$2.00/ea.

Page 1 of the score to Venezia
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PLAY CLIP - VENEZIA (barcarolle)

PLAY CLIP - PARIS (courante)

PLAY CLIP - GRAZ (lovesong)

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